There is a strong possibility of a $ 30 million budget cut to the Fulbright Program, of which many Polish Americanists have been/are about to be the beneficiaries.

If you would like to let the US Congress know that you value this program, plase sign the petition at http://www.savefulbright.org/ and forward this link to others.

What’s at stake

The Fulbright Program is the “flagship international academic exchange program” of the United States. It has been the premier instrument of the United States to promote mutual understanding and academic and cultural exchange partnerships with over 155 countries all over the world for more than sixty years, and the positive impact the 325,000 alumni of the Fulbright Program have made has been and continues to be huge!

The Obama Administration’s 2015 budget proposal for educational and cultural exchange programs had some good news and some really bad news. The good news was that it called for a 1.6% increase in the exchange budget to $ 578 million, and it budgeted $ 30 million for new and laudable initiatives to reach out to young leaders in the traditionally underserved regions of Africa and Asia. The bad news was that these new programs are being funded at the expense of the Fulbright Program which experienced a massive and unprecedented cut of $ 30 million to the $ 234 million Fulbright budget: a 13 % drop in the core funding of a program that serves the United States and a global community.

In a trillion dollar budget there must be some way to fund the new initiatives and to maintain the funding for the Fulbright Program!

#SaveFulbright by asking Congress to restore funding for the Fulbright Program! We need a $ 30 million increase in the 2015 educational and exchange budget allocated to Fulbright!

Please sign the #SaveFulbright petition NOW! We will keep you up to date and let you know how you can help: wherever you may be in the world! Every voice counts!