Report: Methodologies in American Studies 2014

Methodologies in American Studies, 2nd PAAS Workshop (September 16-20, 2014)

This year, the Methodologies in American Studies Workshop took place at the University of Wrocław.

21 young scholars from 15 universities in Belarus, Germany Poland, and Ukraine spent five very intensive days discussing a wide range of approaches and theories currently used in American studies, presenting their work in progress, and getting to know each other. They participated in 7 workshop sessions:

  • Film Adaptations (Dr. Justyna Kociatkiewicz, University of Wrocław)
  • Transnational Literature (Prof. Ruth Mayer, Leibniz University, Hannover)
  • Urban Studies (Dr. Aneta Dybska, University of Warsaw)
  • Biopolitics/(Post)ecology (Dr. Tomasz Sikora, Pedagogical University, Kraków)
  • Fan Studies (Dr. Agata Zarzycka, University of Wrocław)
  • Ethnographic Film (Dr. hab. Dominika Ferens, University of Wrocław)
  • Ethnographic encounters and writing (Dr. Jan Lorenz, Manchester University).

During the conference session, five participants presented their current research, and received extensive feedback from their peers and the workshop instructors. Dr. Anna Czura (University of Wrocław) gave the speakers individual advice on their presentations skills.

  • Rafał Modzelewski, Białystok University, The Automated Other
  • Ewa Maj, University of Wrocław, The Coup in the Light of Polish Propaganda
  • Anna-Lena Oldehus, Leibniz University, Hannover, Geocriticism and World Literature Spaces inside and outside Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah
  • Magdalena Bulińska, University of Gdańsk, A Methodology of Literary Onomastics?
  • Antoni Górny, University of Warsaw, Satisfaction: A Discourse on Popular Culture, Politics, and Protest Between Antonio Gramsci and C.L.R. James

The organizers would like to thank: the Embassy of the United States for the generous grant that made this event possible, all the instructors and participants for their hard work and good spirit, and the Department of English Studies at Wrocław University for hosting the event.

Dominika Ferens and Agata Zarzycka

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