“Henry James Goes to War”

Dear Colleagues,

we are pleased to announce the recent publication of “Henry James Goes to War,” which came out as Volume 5 of the series Dis/Continuities: Torun Studies in Language, Literature and Culture.

For details, see the attachments (below) or the publisher’s website.

Please note previous publications in the series:

Volume 4: Lowczanin, Agnieszka / Wisniewska, Dorota (eds.). All that Gothic.

Volume 3: Mstowska, Joanna. Various Aspects of Mimesis in Selected Sea Novels of Frederick Marryat, James F. Cooper and Richard H. Dana


Best regards,

Miroslawa Buchholtz, Grzegorz Koneczniak and Dorota Guttfeld

Attachments (pdf): Flyer, Introduction, Table of contents