2017/18 Travel Grants


The Polish Association of American Studies will award travel grants to support doctoral students’ conference trips in the academic year 2017-2018.

Travel Grant Committee:

Prof. UWr dr hab. Zofia Kolbuszewska (Head)
Prof. UAM dr hab. Paulina Ambroży
Dr Justyna Wierzchowska (UW)

Applicants eligible for the grant:

  1. must be doctoral students affiliated with one of the Polish institutions of higher education
  2. must be current PAAS members who have paid the annual membership fee
  3. the conference trip and the paper to be presented should be related to American Studies


Details of the application:

  • preference will be given to applicants planning to attend prestigious international conferences abroad
  • applicants must submit a confirmation of acceptance from the conference organizers for the application to be considered
  • applicants can apply for a maximum of € 200, to cover travel and/or fee, and/ or accommodation and/or meals
  • applications should contain the following:
    • an abstract of the presentation and details of the conference (e.g. cfp, conference website, brief description of the conference topic)
    • a brief statement about the relevance of the conference to the applicant’s own research
    • a brief budget summary related to the trip (travel, fee, meals, accommodation), and information about other sources of funding, if any
    • an indication whether the applicant is a full-time or part-time post-graduate student, how their studies are funded; if the applicant is employed at an academic institution, it should also be stated in the application
    • the confirmation of acceptance from the organizers of the conference
    • academic CV (including the list of publications, if applicable)


Applications must be submitted electronically to the PAAS Secretary, Prof. Paulina Ambroży (apaulina@wa.amu.edu.pl) by February 28th, 2018
Successful applicants will be notified by March 15, 2018.

Upon their return from the conference, the grantees are obliged to submit scans of relevant receipts and invoices documenting their conference expenses (travel, accommodation and fee) and a brief report on the conference activities and achieved goals. The reports should be sent electronically to the same email address: Prof. Paulina Ambroży: apaulina@wa.amu.edu.pl