Methodologies in American Studies


Methodologies in American Studies

February 14-17, 2013

Target group: doctoral students and young scholars with Ph.D.s
in the humanities and social sciences affiliated with universities in Central/Eastern Europe, who are seeking new theoretical approaches and critical tools

Venue: American Studies Center, Warsaw

Format: 4-day workshop consisting of seven 3-hour sessions,
a plenary lecture, and a summing-up session.

Description: members of the Polish Association for American Studies will offer a series of 3-hour workshop sessions on contemporary methodologies in American studies.
Participants will also have a have a chance to seek advice from the instructors on problems related to their research projects.

The workshop format requires that all participants read the assigned set of materials in advance. Reading materials for each workshop session will be made available online by 1 January, 2012.

Workshop topics and chairs:
Nationality and Transnationality – Prof. Piotr Skurowski
Ecocriticism – Prof. Joanna Durczak
Political science – Prof. Bohdan Szklarski
Postmodernism – Dr. Zuzanna Ładyga
Film and popular culture – Dr. Paweł Frelik
Gender studies – Dr. Justyna Włodarczyk
Queer studies – Dr. Tomasz Basiuk

Keynote lecture:
Prof. Ewa Domańska, “The posthumanist subject”

Information on workshop instructors and organizers

Keynote speaker:
Prof. Ewa Domańska

Dr. Tomasz Basiuk
Prof. Joanna Durczak
Dr. Paweł Frelik
Dr. Zuzanna Ładyga
Prof. Piotr Skurowski
Prof. Bohdan Szklarski
Dr. Justyna Włodarczyk

Dr. hab. Dominika Ferens
Dr. Zuzanna Ładyga
Dr. hab. Ewa Łuczak

Accommodation: 13-17.02.2013, Hotel Sokrates, ul. Smyczkowa 9, Warsaw, double rooms with breakfast, within walking distance of the American Studies Center

Participation fee: PLN 300
The fee covers accommodation for 4 nights at the Socrates Hotel, breakfasts, and lunches.

Fee waiver for participants from Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine

Eligibility: The workshop is open to young scholars who are either working on their doctoral dissertations or have recently received a Ph.D., and who are affiliated with an institution of higher education in Central/Eastern Europe.

Since the number of participants is limited to 20, the organizers reserve the right to select the applications based on geographic and academic criteria.

In order to apply, please send a CV and a 300-word statement explaining why you would like to take part in the workshop
to: Deadline: December 10, 2012