CFP: XXIIIrd International Academic Conference


Belarusian Association for American Studies

Belarusian association of Teachers of English, IATEFL


April 25 – 27, 2014

(Minsk, MSLU)

XXIIIrd International Academic Conference

The World Of Nature And Problems Of Civilization In Contemporary American And European Culture And Literature

It is assumed that the conference will address the following problems:

Ecology of the soul.
Civilizational problems in the mirror of literature and art.
Technological progress and the problem of individual.
Information explosion and its consequences.
Revolution in technologies – revolution of conscience?

The organizers welcome any suggestions that may widen the scope of topics discussed.

Conference languages: English, Belarusian, Russian.

It is expected that a volume of conference papers will be published. Only the papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication.

Applications for participation and a short summary of the paper (100 words) should be sent by April 5, 2014 to the following address:

MSLU World Literature Dept (conference 11.2013),

Zakharova St., 21, Minsk, Belarus, 220034.

Tel.: (+375-17) 288-25-63 Fax: (+375-17) 294-75-04


All the expenses connected with participation in the conference are to be covered by the participant or his/her institution.

Organizing Committee

Requirements for Publication

The size of articles is up to 20 000 printed characters. Texts for publication should be printed in Font 14 Times New Roman with 1,5 space between the lines. Contributions can be sent by e-mail to:

Articles submitted for publication should include the aim(s) and methodology of the research, give an overview of the work previously done on the investigated problem, substantiate the achieved results of the research and have a list of references.

The title of the article should be complemented with its translation into English as well as the transliteration of the author’s name. The manuscript should also contain a summary of 350–500 symbols in English and Russian, key words in English and Russian/Belarusian.

The author’s full name, academic affiliation, office (or home) address, telephone, e-mail address and research interests should be given at the end of the submission.

References should be presented according to the order in which they appear in the text.

An example of citations and works cited:

“And so it would go on; eventually they would be dispersed, would float free of their temporary mooring at number twelve Sheep Street, and continue upon their way, pruned with their insidious power” [1, p. 230].

Works cited:

1 Mitchell, A. The freedom to remember: narrative, slavery, and gender in contemporary Black women’s fiction / A. Mitchell. – New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, 2002. – 179 p.

2 Donaldson, S.V. Telling Forgotten Stories of Slavery in the Postmodern South / S.V. Donaldson // Southern Literary Journal. Vol. XL, No 2. – Spring, 2008. – P. 267–281.