PJAS 12 Spring contents

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Transnational American Studies Here and Now
Edited by Agnieszka Graff, Ludmiła Janion, Karolina Krasuska

Agnieszka Graff, Tomasz Basiuk, Karolina Krasuska, Introduction. Transnational American Studies: Histories, Methodologies, Perspectives

Rob Kroes, Decentering America: Visual Intertextuality and the Quest for a Transnational American Studies

Tadeusz Rachwał, Where East Meets West: On Some Locations of America

Piotr Skurowski, Looking Back, 2018-1916: The Cosmopolitan Idea in Randolph Bourne’s ‘Transnational America”

Grzegorz Welizarowicz, Feel Like a Gringo: Transnational Consciousness in Los Angeles Punk Rock Songs

Florian Zappe, The Other Exceptionalism: A Transnational Perspective on Atheism in America


Karolina Korycka, Louisa May Alcott’s “Behind a Mask, or a Woman’s Power”: The Woman as an Actress, Femininity as a Mask

Anna Pochmara, Enslavement to Philanthropy, Freedom from Heredity: Amelia E. Johnson’s and Paul Laurence Dunbar’s Uses and Misuses of Sentimentalism and Naturalism

Michał Choiński, Hyperbolic Bodies for Sale: The Figurative Representations of Prostitutes in Tennessee Williams’s Early Works

Elżbieta Rokosz-Piejko, Adapting, Remaking, Re-visioning: Alex Haley’s Roots in a Triangular Relationship with Its Two Television Adaptations

Elżbieta Horodyska, Heterotopic Domestic Spaces in Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping

Klara Szmańko, Defamiliarizing Blackness and Whiteness in Gloria Naylor’s Linden Hills

Paulina Ambroży, Performance and Theatrical Awect in Steven Millhauser’s Short Story “The Knife-Thrower”

Ewa Antoszek, The U.S.-Mexico Border as a Palimpsest in Ana Teresa Fernández’s Art

Paweł Marcinkiewicz, The Color of Avant-Garde: Kenneth Goldsmith’s “The Body of Michael Brown”

Zbigniew Maszewski, What Is “New” in Faulkner Criticism?