PJAS 9-1

Bożenna Chylińska, Be Colonial American Working Wife and Her Dear and Loving Husband Absent upon Some Public Employment: Deborah and Benjamin Franklin’s Married Life
Polish Journal for American Studies, vol. 9, 2015, p. 5-20.

Abstract: Although historians recognize Deborah Franklin’s abilities and accomplishments, she invariably suffers in comparison with her famous husband. She seems to have shared the fate of Anne Bradstreet a century earlier, whose worldly spouse, Simon, for years remained object of his wife’s tender affection and dutiful supervision of his affairs. The article attempts to examine and evaluate Mrs. Franklin’s immeasurable contribution to the Franklin household and business, which enabled Benjamin to act on the international arena and indulge in the frivolities of the contemporary high life, against his egalitarian declarations.

Keywords: Franklin, Bradstreet, marriage, Puritanism, ethic, work

DOI: 10.7311/PJAS.9/2015/1

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