M.A. Thesis Award

Polish Association for American Studies Annual Award
for the Best American Studies Master’s Thesis
Written at a Polish University

The Polish Association for American Studies is inviting submissions for its 14th Annual Best MA Thesis Award. The jury headed by prof. Tomasz Basiuk and comprising prof. Marta Koval and prof. Zbigniew Mazur will evaluate the submissions and announce the results in late November 2022.

The author of the winning MA thesis will be invited to publish one chapter in the Polish Journal for American Studies.

1. One master’s thesis can be submitted per each 20 students graduating with theses in the field of American Studies in a department/center. This includes both full-time and extramural students. Consequently, a department with 12 such students can submit one entry while a department with 26 such students – 2 entries. In each department MA thesis advisors must develop internal rules for selecting the best thesis.

2. A thesis can only be submitted by the advisor or a committee of academic advisors.

3. Theses written in both English and Polish are eligible.

4. This year’s submission deadline is October 15, 2022. Earlier submissions are welcome.

5. Only candidates who have received their MA diploma since the end of the 2021 Award cycle are eligible (i.e., July 15, 2021 – September 30, 2022).

6. Each contest thesis should be sent as two PDF files, named according to the patterns below, to p.frelik@uw.edu.pl and to dominika.ferens@uwr.edu.pl:

* a file with the title page identifying the author and the supervisor;
this file should be named name.surname (center).pdf
[e.g. Jan.Kowalski (Uniwersytet Gdanski).pdf]
* a file with only the thesis title on the title page and the full text of the thesis; this file should be named short-title.pdf [e.g. BlackBiography1920s.pdf]
and fully anonymized, so as not to allow the jury to identify the author and the supervisor; please make sure you have removed the identifying information from the file properties.

Please, do not use Polish diacritics in the file names.

7. The results will be announced in late November 2022 on the PAAS website.

8. Any questions should be directed to Paweł Frelik, p.frelik@uw.edu.pl

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