Proceedings 09


The proceedings of the 1999 International Conference of the Polish Association for American Studies, Lodz, November 1999

Edited by Agnieszka Salska & Zbigniew Maszewski


Cultural Perspectives

  • Sanford E. Marovitz – Four Faces of Millennial America: The Spiritual, the Moral, the Factual,and the Comic
  • Richard P. Profozich – The American Dream from Puritanism to Feminism: A Promise of Fulfillment and Greed
  • Mokhtar Ben Barka – The Year 2000 (Y2K): Blessing or Malediction?
  • Bohdan Szklarski – Too Much Democracy? Changing Nature of Social Capital in Contemporary America.
  • Edward J. Romar – Competitiveness, New Markets and American Business Success: Two Views of The United States’ Future as a World Economic Power
  • John Crust – Gangs: An American Fascination, an American Tragedy
  • Joanna Jastrzebska-Szklarska – Herstory of Separatism – The Contemporary American Lesbian Movement and the Evaluation of Its Effectiveness in the Public Sphere
  • Jerzy Sobieraj – “Vicious” and “Stupendous” Controversies over Birth of a Nation
  • Abaigeal Duda – The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Museum Into the New Millennium

Literary Perspectives

  • Noel Polk – Faulkner’s Apocalyptic Vision
  • Marek Paryz – Madness and Murder in Three Tales by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Jerry Schuchalter – Norman Mailer’s Psycho-Social Identity
  • Grzegorz Kosc – Cyclonic Zero of the Word: Robert Lowell Between Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Waclaw Grzybowski – After All There Remains God and Man. Five Names of the Apocalypse in Thomas Merton’s Poetry
  • Christopher Koy – John A. Williams and his Vision of an African American Apocalypse
  • Ewa Luczak – From Utopia to a Racial Armageddon: John Edgar Wideman’s Philadelphia and Toni Morrison’s Paradise
  • David L. Erben – Contemporary Native American Literature
  • Zofia Kolbuszewska – Between The Book of Daniel, Freud, and Jung: The Apocalyptic Child in Stephen King’s The Shining.
  • Kacper Bartczak – Landscapes of Radical Self-Knowledge in Don DeLillo and John Ashbery
  • Malgorzata Chrzan – Survivors or Victims: Rhodessa Jones’s Post-Apocalyptic Personal Chill in Big Butt Girls, Hard-Headed Women.
  • Malgorzata Siwek – “Are you exttaterrestial, dear?” The Southwest, New Age and Postmodernism  in a Travel Book by Melanie McGrath’s
  • Motel Nirvana. Dreaming of the New Age in the American Desert
  • Tomasz Basiuk – Apocalypse Now and Then: Affective Response to Narrative Closure