Proceedings 08

New Shape of Ethics? Reflections on Ethical Values in Post(?)Modern American Cultures and Societies

The Proceedings of the International Conference of the Polish Association for American Studies, Szczyrk, October 1998

Editor: Teresa Pyzik
Assistant to the Editor: Tomasz Sikora

  • Contents
  • Samuel Chase Coale – Searching for a Postmodem Ethics: Oxymoron, Occidental Operations or Open Enigma?
  • Kate Delaney – What We Talk about When We Talk about Family Values
  • David L. Smith – The Disappearance of Good and Bad
  • Bohdan Szklarski – Culturological Explanation of Right-Wing Extremism in USA
  • Joanna Jastrzebska-Szklarska – Rainbow Ethics: Defining Social Justice at the Eve of the New Millennium
  • Bozenna Chylinska – The Age of Ambivalence. American Anti-Semitism versus Post(?)Modem American Ethical Values
  • Dorota Janowska – Racism in American Dance and in Dance Criticism
  • Meral Cileli – American Values as Perceived by Turkish Students
  • Notes about Authors