PJAS 11 Spring contents

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Julia Fiedorczuk. “All of the Bees in a Hive Are Having Imagination”: An Interview with Brenda Hillman

Marek Wilczyński. The Americanization of the Sublime: Washington Allston and Thomas Cole as Theorists of American Art

Alicja Piechucka. Possessed by Poe: Hart Crane’s Tribute to il Miglior Fabbro in a Symbolist-Modernist Context

Edyta Frelik. She Did Know a Few Things: Georgia O’Keefe as an Intellectual

Ewa Ścibior. The Representations of Drag Queen Characters in Pre-Stonewall Literature: John Rechy’s City of Night and Hubert Selby Jr.’s Last Exit to Brooklyn

Justyna Wierzchowska. Imaging, Desiring, Remembering Home: Home as a Locus of Meaning in the Works of Mary Kelly

Jacek Partyka. Between Nostalgia and Self-Hatred: The Problem of Identity in Cynthia Ozick?s The Shawl

Karolina Słotwińska-Pełka. Apocalyptic Vistas in Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis

Jędrzej Tazbir. From Hopeless Selfhood to Hopeful Otherness: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

Małgorzata Rutkowska. Dangerous Pets, Misguided Owners: The Pitfalls of Pet-Keeping in T.C. Boyle’s Stories

Jerzy Durczak. Between Pictures and Words: Sally Mann’s Hold Still

Kornelia Boczkowska. Smooth, Bumpy and Ghostly Rides: (Re)Viewing the American Landscape and Travel Imagery in Bill Morrison’s Night Highway (1990), The Death Train (1993), City Walk (1999) and Ghost Trip (2000)

Małgorzata Olsza. “Running in Both Directions”: The Reflective Character of Single-Image Narratives in Joe Sacco’s Graphic Journalism

Steffen Wöll. Exceptional Spaces: Pop-Cultural Debris and the Spatial (Re)Construction of American Exceptionalism in Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity

Mirosław Aleksander Miernik. Capitalism as a Cultural System: In Memory of Joyce Appleby. Review Essay