Pulawy, 19-23 September 2001

"What is an American" was the fourth in the series of workshop-conferences
for young scholars from former Eastern Block countries. This year's meeting,
organized by the Department of American Literature and Culture
at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and supported by the American Embassy,
took place, as usual, in Pulawy between 19 and 23 September.
The conference organizers were again honored to host Prof. Rob Kroes
(University of Amsterdam) whose lectures in Pulawy were so much appreciated
during previous conferences. Other guest lecturers included Prof. Suzanne Rohr
(Free University, Berlin) Prof. Joanna Durczak, Prof. Jerzy Kutnik
and Pawel Frelik (Maria Curie Sklodowska University). The conference participants
represented universities and colleges from Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia,
Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine.
Additionally, we hosted a few young scholars from Germany and Poland.
Traditionally, apart from lectures, the participants relaxed during
an afternoon trip to nearby Kazimierz Dolny
and held less formal discussions during
a bonfire party in the woods near Pulawy.

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