Call for Submissions PJAS 2023

Call for Submissions
Polish Journal for American Studies 2023

Paper proposals are welcome for a themed issue of Polish Journal for American Studies. PJAS has been published yearly since 2004, and is one of the leading American Studies journals in Poland. The journal is the yearbook of the Polish Association for American Studies. It is published by the American Studies Center and the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw.

The themed issue in 2023 is on natural sciences and technology in 19th-century American literature. The following is a sample of possible topics:

  • The impact of science as theme and mode or representation in American culture in the 19th century, preferably between 1865 and 1918. More or less the following themes are solicited, or suggested, all roughly related to the second half of the 19th century:
  • scientific imagery in literature and arts: new rays, new elements, electricity, discoveries, surveys, mad scientists, fantastic inventions, Martians, ether, what not
  • science, realism, and naturalism
  • Gilded Age today, today as new Gilded Age
  • science in unusual places: poetry, fashion, music
  • philosophical, ideological, social and political issues and arguments: race, Darwin, materialism, spiritism, progress
  • Gilded Age science as imagery or theme of more contemporary texts, including pastiches, steam punk and such
  • medical science, the body, medicalization of life and death, birth of the clinic
  • development of natural science and its institutions in the USA
  • abandoned research projects and frameworks, e.g. vortex atom, protoplasm, or pre-Darwinist paleontology, Martian canals
  • popularization of science in pamphlets and magazines

The deadline for finished articles is May 2023. Articles will be peer-reviewed over the summer of 2023.
The contact person is Pawel Stachura,

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